See visualizations from various tasks.

WavePoint Studio brochure

WavePoint Studio
A new professional sound studio in the heart of Copenhagen. I've designed a visual identity with logo design, business cards, flyers etc.

Combora logo på skærm

For Combora - a danish IT company, I've designed a modern logo der symbolizes thought, care and good communication with the customers.

Papkrus med logo

Egdal Auto / Arctic Unlimited
For Egdal Auto - a mechanic, I've designed logo, and for Arctic Unlimited I've designed a visual identity with logo, prints and website.

Tryk på visitkort - Axia

Axia Group
Axia Group is a new international consulting business for the construction industry. I've designed a logo which supports the name and where the symbol can trick the eye depending on how you look at it.


Abild & Munch Advokater
A fusion between two law firms in Copenhagen became AM Advokater (AM lawyers). I've made a complete visual identity for the law firm.

Dani Group logo

DANI Group
For a new danish construction company - DANI Group, I've made logo design and business cards.

Visitkort til Arctic Unlimited

Arctic Unlimited
Arctic Unlimited - as described above. A company which do remote operations and logistics in Greenland, I've designed a corporate logo, business cards and website.

Design af emballage til Marsted

Marsted is a series of organic products for a agriculture company in Jutland. I've designed logo and packaging/labels.

Webdesign til AM Advokater

Abild & Munch Advokater
An example of webdesign I've made for the law firm AM Advokater in Copenhagen.

Design til tøjmærke

Gentro Clothing
Gentro Clothing is a new international clothing brand. I've designed a logo with a characteristic "G" which will be their trademark and work as background in different slices.

Speciallavet brevpapir

For MicroBak - a business which works with disinfection, I've designed a visual identity with a unique logo, business cards, brochure, web design, social media and work clothing.

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