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Who, what and why...?

Logo Design Studio is a small specialized studio for logo design. I help 20-40 companies per year, to get their identity symbolized in the form of a logo - and sometimes via a complete visual identity.

There's a huge variety in my customers. From newly started entrepreneurs to middle sized companies which never had a decent logo in place. From craftsmen to lawyers, and from food producers to eSport companies. And - from danish companies to companies from around the world.

So... no matter where you are from - in terms of location and business category, you are more than welcome to contact me and hear more about logo design.

(+45) 25 34 27 72 • [email protected]

Is a logo really that important to my business?

Yes! Or... it all depends on your ambitions for your company, but if you wish that your company should;

•  Be recognisable
•  Appear professional
•  Appear credible

- Then a professional and unique logo can mean a lot. It can contribute to increased sales, and it can affect internal and external awareness.

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Christian Cortsen

Christian Cortsen

My name is Christian. I was born in '79, I'm happily married, have 2 lovely daughters, a dog and I'm crazy about design. Not just logo design, but design in general. Both good and bad design because I enjoy looking at good design, and I enjoy to discuss bad design - and to change it if I get the opportunity.

I am educated in technical design and I've studied communication, marketing, programming, graphic design and much more. Through the last 20+ years I've been working with several things; I've been a guitarist in a metal band, I've been a teacher for more than 10 years, head of IT and marketing in a construction company, and been self employed working with web design, photography and graphic design.

Besides Logo Design Studio I run the danish agency Vektropol. At Vektropol I offer a wide range of services in visual branding, but logo design has always been a big interest and the thing I enjoy doing most, so that's why the idea of starting a business with logos occurred.

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The fascination for logos

As long as I can remember I've had a fascination for logos. As a kid I went to school in Copenhagen, but lived out in the country with my dad. He also worked in Copenhagen and I remember the long drives back and forth in rush hour, where I studied the company cars and not least the big signs on corporate buildings along the freeway.

I was fascinated by how recognizable the bigger brands logos was. In form and size they often had similarities, but at the same time they where very different. Most often there was 2 models. Either the model with a unique developed font, or the other model where a special graphic symbol was developed together with the company name.

In time I became conscious about that a logo is not just a logo. It has a very special value in a companys DNA and branding - internal and external. I dived down in some of the designers behind the big brands logos, and became aware of how many thoughts and sketches that went into the design before the final decision. Most often the design appeared very simple, but I learned that simple is the hardest thing to master, and that it is as far from easy as many imagines. Less is more!

A limited art form

Designing logos is probably a form of art where you have limited elements and options available, and where you - within that limitation, have to try to create something unique which creates recognizability and credibility, and which appears presentable.

Most often an artist has an empty canvas and can release his or hers fantasy without limitation, but when designing a logo you have a company name, colors, graphics etc. that you have to combine and deal with.

Furthermore - as a logo designer you have to deal with the use of a logo. There is so many ways to display a logo today. On websites, business cards, merchandise, social media, signs, products etc., so you have to make sure that the logo is visible and readable at any time regardless of size.

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