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Get the logo your company deserves.
If you are looking for a logo for your company, then you have come to the right place. I make logos for companies of all sizes, and high quality and good service are always included.
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A logo is not just a logo.

It's way more than that. It's a trademark for your company. It's an identity.

- And that's why a logo is a good investment. It should reflect your company, it has to add value and vision, and it should increase the recognition of your brand.

I create logos for companies worldwide, and I can help your company get the identity it deserves.

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Logo til rekrutteringsbureauet ScanCruit
Logodesign til konsulentfirmaet Spitz
Logo design til Axia Group
Firmalogo til blomsterfirma
Logodesign til tøjmærket Gentro
Logodesign til Arctic Unlimited
Nyt logo til IT firmaet Combora
Logo til rådgivningsfirmaet FinViso
Firmalogo til rengøringsfirma
Firmalogo til transportvirksomheden Maxby Transport
Logo til lydstudiet Wavepoint Studio
Logo til Gene Dawner
Design af logo til Foresta
Logo til advokater i København
Design af logo byggefirma
Logo til eSport SPWN
Logo design til Starwheel Manufacturing
Logo til mekaniker Egdal Auto
Design af logo til det grafiske bureau Vektropol
Callesen og Dreier logo

Order your business logo today.

Are you on the lookout for a business logo? I'm no further away than an email or a call, and I look forward to hearing about your wishes.

I can also design complete visual identities and I'm deliverable in design guides. If you're establishing something new, I can also help creating the right name for your business.

Logo designer Christian Cortsen

Your logo designer

About Logo Design Studio.

My name is Christian, I'm a danish graphic designer and I've specialized in making logo designs.

Throughout the years, I've designed logos for more than 100 companies, associations etc.

I create logos for both newly started companies and for more established companies that needs something completely new - or a redesign.

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Full satisfaction

Get it the way you want it.

I don''t offer different price packages, because that would mean that I had to compromise with quality, and that's not my way of working.  When you order me to make your future logo, I'll design until you're fully satisfied - without difference in the prize.

When you contact me, we'll start with a chat about ideas, wishes, possibilities and everything in between, and hereafter I will start working. The first process is thoughts and sketches, and after that it gets a bit more targeted with drawing, selection of fonts, colors etc.

When I have some proposals ready for you, I will send you a presentation (PDF).

Sometimes it's love at first sight, and other times there has to be made some adjustments or new proposals. And that's how it has to be, because it is about creating exactly the "thing", which gives the desired value.

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The process of a new logo design


If you have decided on a new logo design, then the process will start with you contacting me by phone or e-mail.

Then we'll have a talk about the options, about ideas, colors etc.


I'll start researching, doing sketches etc. and when the sketches have transformed into something specific, I will send you 2-3 suggestions.


Typically you pick one of the suggestions and I will continue to work on it.

In this process I will focus on making different versions (colors etc.).


I'll send you my takes on a final logo design, you will look it through and approve it - or ask for further corrections.


I will make the possible last corrections, the different versions that you want in form of colors, setups etc.


I will send you the logo in a compressed folder which contain all the versions you want - in various file types.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have questions?

Fair enough. You will get answers to the most frequently asked questions right here, and if that ain't enough, you're more than welcome to send me an e-mail or grab your phone and give me a call (do remember the possible time difference - I live in Denmark).

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Hear more about logo design.

Some knows exactly what they want with a future logo. Others prefer to put their faith in my hands, and then there's the people in between. No matter what category you're in, you are always welcome to contact me.

It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur creating something new in your basement, or you are the top marketing manager of a company with 100.000 employees. You will get the same good service and quality no matter who you are, and where you're from.

Get in touch today and let me create a unique logo which people remembers - and which they will connect with your product/service.

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